blogCode used by my blog, generated by OctopressJason Graham15 hours
dotfilesMiscellaneous configsJason Graham3 years
feedfetcherSpits RSS/Atom entries to command lineJason Graham5 years
hw_harbingerReporting homework grades to many students in PythonJason Graham4 years
hwdifferDiffs large number of source files against each otherJason Graham5 years
m_scriptsAssorted useful matlab / octave functionsJason Graham5 years
mail_conf_exampleExample console based email setupJason Graham5 years
my_systemd_unitsMy systemd service file customizations for Arch Linux.Jason Graham5 years
oldblogOld code used by my blog, generated by JekyllJason Graham5 years
systemd_user_sessionMy systemd user session unitsJason Graham4 years
twentyten_customCustom child theme based on WP theme Twenty TenJason Graham5 years
vimrcMy vim configurationJason Graham2 months
xmonadrcMy xmonad configurationJason Graham4 years